The Sele Life (the quiet life)

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Country Life does not just mean rural life is something else. It is much more. Many of us pretty much was born with economic, social and cultural crisis that especially bait Asturias since the last quarter of the twentieth century, without having yet very clear where we are routing by the patronage dynamics generating an unfortunate scenario that many of us It seems completely sterile. From this corner, we want to share our own adventure and we want to show you how too many other countrymen, chosen every day, so quiet and modest, face the profound social and economic changes linked to the crisis from a completely new perspective. We want to show how the new «country life» that emerges in Asturias in these uncertain times, facing them with imagination and courage. A life rich in cultural and human values, open to the world and linked strongly with our exceptional natural environment. A life away from the standard and steamroller system imposed by urban life . Modern life is affirmed and evolves from the traditional ways of rural life, based on the essence of the memory of a people that was and still don’t wants to stop being.

We invite you to live with us, and otherwise, present and future of this country of plural, unique and magical name: Asturias.

You can access our blog here: afayáivos, esti ye’l vuestru llar (wellcome, this is your home)